Anvil Ministries

Who is it?
Chuck Stone is an old-fashioned BLACKSMITH complete with handlebar mustache. Because of his love for the Lord Jesus Christ and His commandments, Chuck views his blacksmithing skills as a tool to further the Kingdom. Chuck has been blacksmithing for over 25 years.

What is it?
There are three ways to use the blacksmith:

#1 Hands-On Projects
Your group can work with Chuck at the coal forge and anvil making these projects:
Stamping their initials into the head of a hand-forged 3? Nail
       Scripture: John 3:16
       Application: Christ died for ME!

Hammering out a triangle shaped mini-dinner bell with ringer
       Scripture: Matthew 28:19
       Application: The Trinity: God the Father, Jesus The Son & The Holy Spirit

Forging a 6? all purpose ?S? hook
       Scripture: Matthew 4:19
       Application: Get HOOKED on Jesus

Miniature sword from a duplex nail
       Scripture: Ephesians 6:17
       Application: Sword of the Spirit

Horseshoe Nail Ring
       Scripture: John 3:29
       Application: Bride of Christ

#2 Demonstrating and Preaching to a Group
Chuck speaks to a group while hand forging a nine inch cross using one old Railroad Spike on the coal forge.
The spiritual application, Standing Firm, is from the book of Daniel and Luke 14:29

#3 Demonstrating at Evangelistic Event
Block Parties
Youth Events
Senior Events
Open Houses
Lord?s Acre

How much is it?

- Demo #1: Material cost of $5.00 per person includes up to three projects
- Demos #2 & 3: $500.00 per day *
- Mileage charge is $0.75 per mile round trip from Newark, Texas
* Fees are negotiable so please let me know your budget requirements.

Chuck Stone
Ordained and Licensed to the Gospel Ministry
(940) 393-9723